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Hebt of had U een Sabra of Sabre?
Stuur een foto, vermeld het raamnummer.
Stuur meer foto's: ik maak een aparte pagina.
Zie U een foute vermelding: laat het mij weten.

You have or had a Sabre or Sabra?
Send a picture, mention the VIN-number.
Send me more pictures: I make a separate page.
If you see an mistake: let me know I'll correct it.

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Michael Dezer

Sabra Sports S200001 Jacob Shalit

Sabra Sports S200033 Ronald Scanfish

Ofer Kosary -  S200001

Film: Need recent Quickplay


Ron Scanfish USA S200033

Sabra Sports S200041 Bill Graepel

Sabra Sports S200043 Cory Miller

Lane Motormuseum Nashville USA S200041



Cory Miller USA S200043

Sabra Sports S200049 Puff Woods

Sabra Sports S200067 Jacob Shalit

Sabra Herb Smith

 Puff Wood UK S200049

Jacob Shalit USA S200067


Herb Smith's USA

Sabra Sports S200060 Hillel Galosher

Sabra Sports S200075 James Cough

Sabra Sports S200081 James Cough

Hillel Galosher USA

James Cough USA


James Cough USA

Sabra S200100 James & Alex Goren

Els & Jef

Sabra ST4878 Jozef Neefs

Alex & James Goren NY -  S200100



Millennium-Meeting 2000

Sabra S200100 James & Alex Goren

Sabra Sports S200102 Dor Amotz

Sabra Sports S200103 Warren Warner

Alex & James Goren NY -  S200100

Dor Amotz  - IL - S200102

Brad Gainor-S200103

Sabra Sport S200105 Owner unknown

Sabra Sports S200109 Michael Gehrhardt

Coming soon??? S200105

Michael Gehrhardt D S200109

Sabra Sports S200124 Warren & Barb Warner

Sabra Sports S200126 Alex Messina

Reserved for S200121 (Ca)


Brad Gainor-S200124

Alex Messina Canada S200126

Sabre-4 GT S200150 Arthur Lock

Sabra GT S200170 Jacob Shalit

  Unknown - Austria

Arthur Lock UK S200150

Jacob Shalit USA S200170

Sabra GT S200172 Rick Price

Sabra GT S200179 Jacob Shalit

Sabra GT S200181

Jeff Gross S200172

Alfred Baumann CH S200179

Michael Dezer - S200181

Sabra GT S200188 Lieven De Vuyst

Sabra GT Lost in Holland

Lieven De Vuyst B S200188

In 1963-1969 in Holland --->2006 ?????

S200196 could show here

Sabra Sports S200207 Nitsan Primor

Nitsan Primor  IL S200207

Israel from here on

Sabra Sports ST 4701 Israel

Sabra Sports ST4703

ST4701 ??



Michael Dezer - 4703ST

Sabra Sports ST4709 Adam Maxson

Sabra Sports ST4726 Michael Sims

Sabra Sports ST4729 Adam Maxson

ST 4709 Adam Maxson - Ohio USA

 Michael Sims **4726 USA

unknown for now ST or HT later pics will show

Sabra Sports ST4734 Georg Sommer

Sabra Sports ST4746 Nils Flateb

Sabra Sports ST4751 Somewhere in Israel

Georg Sommer CH ST4734

Nils Flatebo N ST 4746

Roy Cohen - ST 4751 - IL

Sabra Sports ST4759 in French Museum

here's a gap
unknown how many numbers missing
former were MKI

later are MKII

Sabra GT 4794 Antonio Lagghezza

Loheac museum Fr ST4759

Walter Arbib - GT4794

Sabra Sports ST4802 Miguel Fleta

Sabra Sports ST4703 Silvio Cibien

Sabra Sports ST4804 Peter Hofman


Miguel Fleta E ST4802

Goran Mitevski CH - GT 4803 

Peter Hoffmann HT 4804 (Lux)

Sabra GT 4805 Markus Tanner

Sabra GT 4808 Lost

 Markus Tanner CH GT4805

Herman Pauwels B- GT4808

Geoff, please push your car outside and provide me with a decent picture one of these days???


Sabra GT 4810 John Cartwright

Geoff Cooper B-UK GT4809

John Cartwright UK GT4810


left 4811   right GT 4812

Sabra Sports HT4811 Martin Schmidt

Sabra GT 4812 Georg Sommer

Waiting to be restored

Martin Schmidt CH HT4811

Georg Sommer CH GT4812


Rustyhenry D HT4817

Sabra GT 4819 James & Alex Goren

Sabra GT 4819 James & Alex Goren

Sabra Sports HT4822 Georg Sommer

Steve Wolf USA - GT4819

Steve Wolf USA - GT4819

Georg Sommer CH HT4822

Sabra GT 4824 Unknown Israel

Sabra sports Unknown

Sabra GT 4827 Jürgen & Katharina Meier

Boaz Dagan - IL GT4824



Jürgen Meier D GT4827

Sabra scrapped

Sabra in Israel Museum

Sabra GT 4835 Van Der Plas - Holland

Michel Roba (B) scrapped ST4830

Museum in IL 4833

Robert Jandl A - GT4835

Sabra Sports Lost in Sweden

Sabra Sports HT4846 Aloïs Mertens

Sabra Sports ST4847 Jacques Vandevelde

Lost sold to??- HT 4844

Alois Mertens B HT 4846


Jacques Vandevelde B ST4847

Sabra GT 4859 André Ost

Sabra Sports ST 4864 Cédric De Menten de Horne

Sabra Sports ST4865 Emile Robeyns

André Ost B GT4859

Cédric de Menten de Horne B  ST4864


Miki Berger A - ST 4865

Sabra Sports ST4865 Miki Berger

may not display

Miki Berger D ST4865

 Erik V.  GT 4866 (B)
being worked on

Germany missing gearbox GT4869

Sabra GT 4870 Jacques Vandevelde

Sabra GT Vanerum

Sabra Sports ST4875 Chris Van Herck

Jacques' second GT 4870

Leeen Van 't Hoog Nl - GT4872

Now for sale in USA - ST4875

Sabra Sports ST4878 Jozef Neefs


Neefs:ST4878 1976-Versailles

Charlie Janssen B ST4879


Jean Thoma LUX- ST4881

Sabra Sports ST4883 Luc Meeuwis

Sabra Sports ST 4884 Henk Theewes

Luc Meeuwis B - ST4883

Luc Meuwis B ST4883


Henk Theeuwes: B ST4884

Sabra Sports ST4885 Filip Van Humbeeck

easy to have an empty cell somwhere

Sabra GT4889 Michel Delouvroy

Filip Van Humbeeck B GT4885



Michel Delouvroy  B ST4889

Sabra Sports ST4891 Jean Pigeon

Sabra Sports ST 4892 André Delouvroy

Sabra GT 4893 Luc Pacquée

Jean Pigeon B ST4891

André Delouvroy B ST4892


Luc Pacquée GT 4893 Pic on purchase

Sabra GT 4898 Michael Liska

Sabra Lost

Mike Liska B GT4898

Mr Lambert B? ST???? 


Sabra GT 4901 France

Brandy_S6_achter.jpg (16832 bytes)

For Sale B GT4901



Robert Brandy SS300xxx

Brandy_S6_.jpg (21180 bytes)

Sabra Prototype

Robert Brandy

Prototype (KSBOWN1) now with Jaki Heath

See GT 4808

Contact again: S200075 above

Lost contact

S200188 ex André Delouvroy


Richard Benett: F/sale?


?? USA??





Pic taken in 1978 in Belgium ? by Silvio


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