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This car has survived over thirty years, was running in the South of Belgium (Bunche) until 2000.

Current owner unknown. We hope it's awaiting the day that it will get back on the road. The pictures is from early 1980's.


Georg Sommer provided us with this pictures: he claims this Sabra was exported from Switserland to Belgium.

Georg Sommer provided us with these pictures: current owner unknown, notice the form of the spokes of the steering wheel: they are identical to the drawings in the Sabra-handbook.
GT 4808 found againNL- GB
Jsn Lee is looking for his Sabra:

I bought the convertible Sabra in navy blue in 1964 in Canada, but it was a used model and a 1961 if my memory is right .
The wheel arch was straight at the top.
I had 2 enlargements of the car by itself but lost those a few years ago in moving.
The floor was marine plywood and it had the stupid looking bumpers on the long nose not the shortened nosed as on Geoff white car.
The car was a convertible with a black rag top .I am 99% sure the paint was the original navy blue never repainted.There was no other colour it seems under that blue paint. and no telltale overspray.
At one point , the seat track let go and I found I could not reach the brake pedal in time and hit the backbumper of an american car.
This cracked the fiberglass near the bracket  .
I fixed it rapidly if not in a professional way and camouflaged the bad repair by painting the front of the nose with flat black paint.

The car below was owned bij a Mr Kuyper from Venlo (Holland), he bought it second had, painted it yellow in 1967 and sold it in 1969.  He wonders if the car would still be "alive".  No frame number known, looks like a late Tamworth model +/- 1963.


This  Sabra was competing on 23/03/1963 in the 12h of Sebring: steering - owners?
Edmund Hessert, Jr. - Henry Swartz, Jr. - James Diaz - Benjamin Poster
We wonder what happened to this beauty - frame number?

Marc Pallemans drove this car in the seventies.
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