Sabra GT4808 (24.05.2008 Back 

Mr Naveau


Jacques made a picture of this Sabra on a jumble in La Louvière, rebuilding a Sabra seems to take different skils.

This car was lost, but was found back July 2010



At a jumble in Ciney Jacques went back to his GT to retrieve a dashboard light - in order to buy the correct one.
Mr Naveau addressed to Jacques "I have just the same car!" And so 4808 was found back. It might be possible to bring the body back to how it was when Jacques took the first pictures.

Anyway the car is quite complete, though the ZF is sold. Mr Naveau still had the engine that was in the car when he bought it. Seems to be a Thames engine (good to know that it might fit) but it evidently has run higher rpm than it was conceived for (see below). Mr Naveau has a more original engine for the buyer, and he knows a person who has several ZF's and is willing to sell. He had some fifty-odd vintage cars but also was visited by vandals who broke into his workshop and smashed the windscreens of some 20 of his juwels.

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