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I'm a citizen of E.U.

E.U. doesn't allow me to keep, hold, have, data..........anything......... on you (about you) without your active consent (approval).

I had this approbation from every current owner, but as Microsoft decided last year, not to continue its free mail client all those approvals are lost. In fact they're not lost, I still have them but I can't retrieve them anymore (not within months of searching [thanks Microsoft]).

Several owners that I contacted didn't want to be shown on the ste: they don't show.

Problem (one of many) is that I got quite some data about former owners from Herb Smith in US but I have no Email or snail-mail addresses on them, are they still alive, have they moved?

Can I keep theese data???? if the people are dead I think I can....... but how to find out???? I don't intend to hire in a lawyer to find out... the site costs me enough money just like that.

Except from the owners' page the site will be accessible as always..... will take me months, if not years to remove all the unautorised data, but in the end all unauthorised data will be removed.

All those pictures of meetings (over twenty years) (also public), over twenty years would need an (active) approval.

As I was planning to renew the site completely and transform it to a modern db-based one (still studying) it will be easier to remove and renew everything.

With my former mail-client I would have sent a message to all owners, but my nowadays mail-client doesn't allow me to make mailing-lists.

You could help me keeping the site on-line by sending me something like this:

Use your name as "about- subject"


I agree that Jozef Neefs holds and keeps data on me and my cars

type, serial number, numberplate

and puts them on display on Sabra.be like it used to be(mentioning only first name and name).

I also agree with the displaying of pictures of me and my cars, taken on meetings, on Sabra.be, as used to be.

I also agree with Jozef Neefs sharing his data, as kind of safety-backup, with Richard Valler and Jacques Vandevelde.

I recon on Jozef Neefs (like used to be) only to spread more data about me after my previous approval.



Jef Neefs

Now to the site as it used to be: