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Hebt een Sabra of Sabre -ding te koop?
Stuur een foto, prijs contactgegevens.

You have a Sabre or Sabra - thing for sale?
Send a picture, price, contact-data.

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This is my original and a copy made by Cédric.

Cédric has some for sale for 65€ + pp.

Can you see which is the original?

non-commercial recently available again.




New made (2008) very resemblant to the original,
but flatter (not as bulby);

like on motorhood and steering hub

50€ + pp



non-commercial (Made by Maucquoy Grobbendonk)



Jacques sells these... for the fanatic.

for (18€ + pp)



Non commercial offer

Jacques has some for sale.

Price 12€ + 2€ postage

US: 14$ + 5$ postage
If registered post wanted + 6.20$ ( on top of the 5$ )
payment can be done by sending money to my  PayPal account ( = my email address ; Have a look if you have costs for this , I do not think so, but please check.

They're not pins, they go in a buttonhole.
They were told to be given to people asking information about the Sabras for sale at the car fair in Geneva 1961?

pook knop

Keyring is £5.00 choice of 13 different colours of leather.
Postage is £1.50 UK, £1.95 Europe, £2.50 Rest of the World

Gearknob is £12.00, choice of wood or leather.
Postage is £2.25 UK, £2.95 Europe, £3.50 Rest of the World

Classiccapsule doesn't seem to exist anymore.


Some years ago I had these for sale... wanted one and had 10 made but they're all sold.  Now the provider has disappeared.  If you have something made for your car.. contact me... maybe other people are interested too! Reduces your price and helps other owners.

Handbook + Parts list + User manual
A4 photocopies on white paper ... not facsimiles

20€ + pp= 10€ for Europe
                35€ for World

Think I can reproduce the inner (GRP) front-bumper points

Will take some time and costs are to be accounted for.

Jürgen Meier has these made,(pity for the reflection of my flash)
they're 5cm wide an 2mm thick, soft plastic.
The company that made them promesses that they stick on anything that's free of grease, won't damage paint; are water, weather and UV resistant, and if removed they'll stick equally on another spot.
Jurgen sends them for 8 Swiss Franks + pp.

Been trying to have these light caps made for years, at last found someone who made me these. I sell for 60 Euro a pair + P&P. CANNOT promise they will fit to your car but still I'm quite sure they'll make a fit or a close fit and eventual adjustments will be easy. I've sold 10 on a "return if they don't match-base"; didn't get one back.

If you don't need the chromium-like strip (left on pic) price drops to 57 ++. The caps are acrylate(plexi) ; if I sell all I've had made, I'll try for polycarbonate ones - presumably at a higher price.

Rory has made some modells.
The modells aren't conceived to be "ready", but close enough to give persons with the right skills a "frame" to adjust to the precise needs; for the picture I just put some parts on top of other parts.
The painted modell isn't for sale like it is, it's only just shown to show possible results. 

Commercial offer of 60 pounds + p&p


commercial offer

Ricky Evans can have new Sabra windscreens made for some 100£ for non-heated and 180£ for heated ones. Average sending to US costs would be 90£ Ricky needs 10 orders to get going.

Ricky promised Rob he would have a new batch of windscreens remade in March 2011: if you order now it might reduce costs!!

King Pin bushes

Non - commericial offer

Dimensions are  :inner diam: 11/16
                         : outer diam: 13/16
                         : length: 1"
I chose oiled bushes ( low or no maintenance, the metal is treated and soaked in oil), so with added grease they will last longer.
Price : for 10 ( so I have reserve or can help out someone)
            € 57,63 postage included- was cheaper p p than buying  4 of course.
So +/- € 6 per piece.
tecnical info: they can be grooved by DIY ; a line with a marker and then use a metal point on a Dremel..the hole for the grease nippel , for the grease in fact, can be drilled before or after inserting them.The hole is not exactly in the middle of the bush (for the Sabra GT)...

Bezels copied - remade.


Certainly in later Sabra's these were riveted on the dashboard. Now riveting a hard-plastic bezel on a slightly hollow dashboard is ASKING for the bezels to break. Tony had nice copies made (all sold now), I bought a pair and made a mould of them so I can make more copies. They're seldom perfect, but they're a good solution if you would miss one or both. They'll be better if ever I buy a belt-sander to flatten the rear side.
I sell for 40 Euro a pair + p&p.

Contact me 


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