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James & Alex Goren



This car was presumably originally exported to Belgium (perhaps we'll learn more about that). Perhaps we'll learn about the original colour?? Probably in the early 1990's it showed up in UK where John & Geoff took the picture at the bottom (blue car). For forgotten reasons they didn't buy it and it showed up again in the North of Holland. Herman Pauwels drove over there but he didn't like the paint, didn't like the engine, didn't like the wear all over the car so he didn't buy (see far below black & white picture).

Over the years the Dutch owner did quite a job to make the car look nicer.

James & Alex bought the car in 2009?? Now it seems to be getting in showroom-state.



Still some work to be done, but looks nice.


The costs of the frame are paid back by easier, faster working and higher quality result.

Nice pictures of the plywood.

Wish I could afford a body off restauration... 't would mean several years I can't drive it.
Nice (2)
Almost ready for the road?



Years ago, Geoff Cooper and John Valler went to see this Sabra in Twickenham where he was for sale.

Details of the owner are gone but this has remained:

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