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Sabra's in musea



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    • Know about the Reliant Scimitar and Sabre Owners Club???
      Contact them at:
      The Editor RSSOC 
      PO Box 67 
      Teddington, Middlesex 
      TW11 8QR

    • Or Their wonderfull Magazine: Slice
      Mail them at: .

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    • collects owners of Sabra's for 25 years, would be very pleased to get a picture of you and your Sabra but you should mention the SN.

                  p/a Wim DEINUM
                   LANGBROEKERDIJK 28
                   3972 ND DRIEBERGEN
                   TEL + 31 (0) 343 561853

      .The Dutch Club doesn't have no Sabra's though, apart from some Belgian.

      Their publication "Het Kromzwaard" appears 5 times a year, costs 10 Euro.

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