Meeting 25-26/06/2011 (12.08.2009 )
Organised by the RSSOC in the Lake District

Thursday June 23 on the road ... top down but close to Zelzate we had to put it up urgently. We're getting to know Zeebruges. Ferry to Hull as usual.


The tern; weird I didn't know the bird. A very agile flying acrobat.
Fridag 24/06/2011


As we had only 250-300 km to drive we planned a detour to pay a short visit to York.

York Cathedral

Nice little town, like you'll only find in UK.



But then again in Belgium we were visited by Dutch, Austrian, Spanish, French (twice) and German (twice)



Geoff had pointed us to another "scenery" detour but on the way there the road was blocked.

Despite the unforeseen detour we got in time at Windermere at the hotel:
At dinnertime quite some cars on the parking.

Hotel car park

Saturday 25/06/2011

Not plenty to write about the scenery on Saturday. Though the trip was very well laid out. Nice roads.

If cows were traversing the road occasionally I could catch up with Geoff.

Sabra in the rain

Sabre in the rain

Our answers form was kind of empty ... the questions being quite based on language and historical knowledge. Not simple for people from the continent - no offence meant - the roads were also much too inviting to drive slowly.

Classic: dinner with awardgiving.

Sunday: 26/06/2011
tour on Windermere lake.

We came here to bury Ceasar...

Nice trip.

We came to bury ...

Congratulations Dave Clarke for the splendid organisation (I'll remember Saturdays' lunch! Nothing could have gone wrong!) Well done!

Parking Beechhill Hotel
Monday 27/06/2011
Back east
Wonderfull trip over the Kirkstone pass (short stop at the Kirkstone Pass Inn) ... and with this weather .... you see if you try hard enough you can, even in UK ... nice test for the cooling system (passed). Thanks Matthew (Gable) for the hint to take this road., was really nice
.What a climb
Kirkstone Pass Inn

Back Home

And back home ... goodbye.


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