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Sabra/Sabres in Zolder (circuit Terlamen) september 2011.

Thanks to as well the organisers as to the people that did their best to "be there".

Some pictures:


Might be called an euphemisme but quite some time of the meetings is spend on "socialising".
This picture of Geoff was mandatory: as he attended to the meeting in his Sabre-4 my car wasn't the ugliest one. Thanks Geoff.
Luc & Monique
Saturday we visited the museum conected to the circuit of Zolder. Luc & Monique ... thee organisers are listening attentively during the visit.

Sabras on the circuit:

Quite a surprise it was!




How is it possible that such a strong battery-wire can break. And why just here???

Best moment to break is whith lots of Sabr specialists in the neighbourhood.

Smaller convoy-problems...(Why didn't the drivers in the end of the queue drive faster???) But in the end we were parked in anive line-up for the sirop factory.

Siroop - confituur

In between a picture of the "new-ones", first time they attend to the Sabra/Sabre meeting (with this car).
Peter (HT 4804) finished a marvellous job...his page must be renewed urgently.
The prototype ... very close to the Ashley design.
Car Park
Marvellous cars on the spot at De parking lot of Soete Wey.
De Soete Wey
Marvellous things on the plates of Soete-Wey, nice delicat, congratulations.


50 years: special cake recquired!

GTC Judy & Ted Els & Jef ST 4878 Bev & John
Magda & Jacques Geoff & Geoff Mariette & Peter
Jaki & TonyVal & MalcolmLinda & Tony
Sylvia & Vin Chris Carina & André

Nice line-up of cars and passengers in front of the Bokrijk Castle.
The only Sabra missing untill now is Luc's. But if a core plug blows the day before the meeting ... Car is close to ready now and Luc & Monique got addicted to castles I presume.
Next week:
(foto André Delouvroy)

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