Meeting 08/10/2006 ( 29.07.2014 )

Organised for the Durch RSSOC in Belgian Brabant
by Jacques Vandevelde and his fantastic team.

Some pictures

We were late in the Zoete Waters, but in Belgium voting is mandatory.

Some chats and then on the road.

First stop... all kinds of weird cars.

Left: Leo enjoys his task.

Right: Axel studied gynaecologie.

Hoegaerden's heart. Pitty Pierre Celis had that fire: Kouterhof.

After lunch:

time to go.


Sabra's between the white stone of Gobertange.

Which is nicer?

Joust for women... not really interesting... lack of adrenaline.

La Ramée: a genebank for not enough-productive kinds of trees.
Nice beer too.

Seen this game before.

And back to de Zoete Waters - Sweet Waters.

Thanks Jacques, nice villages at the language frontier.

Have a look at Erik's site:


Sabra (Startpagina)