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Under construction, you can look at the pictures though:

Easy: the Sabra cactus and the Sword

But, to make life more complicated: In Tamworth they had made their "Sabra"-text, and in Ha´fa they had made their own so the Tamworth-made Sabras had this (below) "Sabra" on the dashboard and/or on the rear of the car, though as (we think) later Ha´fa cars had two "Sabras": one "Sabra" on the dashboard and the NOT-GTs had one on the rear of the car too, the earlyer models often had only one "Sabra".

We presume this is the "Tamworth - Sabra -text:

Later Ha´fa-cars had the left (on light-blue brackground) "Sabra" as  Tamworth - cars had this - right above(on black background)  "Sabra". This shows a change of style, and one notices there has been communication about it but not detailed enough (to make them identical), and clear that for the "Sabre", Tamworth chose it's own style.

The Sabra-name in evidence influenced Tamworth to name the Sabre Sabre which obviously lead to the Scimitar

For now it's unknown from which time this steering wheel was used.  It's a "Les Leston"-wheel.  Les Leston (car-racer) is told to be the first person that understood that a three-spoked-wheel didn't have to have it's spokes at 120░.  As the above design shows this steering wheel allows better visibility as well on the road as on the instruments. With the first (certainly the first Tamworth-) cars the steering wheel had (as is shown in the manual) kind of thumb-rests on the horizontal spokes.  It's uncertain when they changed modell.  On these wheels you have a (on this picture invisible) "LL"-engraving.  (this is 4847) Certainly with the first Tamworth-modells Reliant used this steering-wheel.  It's "Les Leston" with thumbrests. later (we don't know from when) the thumbrests weren't  cut out anymore.  The steering wheel is fragile and shouldn't be used to pull yourself out of the car  if you're over 100 pounds.  Some day ?? Reliant changed from the RH-modell to the LH modell, we don't know when.  Perhaps because the machining of the wheels took too much time (and money?). We don't know who made the wheels: Reliant or an other factory. No mentioning of "LL" (Les Leston) on this wheel but it has a checkered flag below on the vertical spoke (this is 200001).

MKII Sabras fill the radiator from a cap pointing up and rear from the radiator.  It is impossible to remove all air from the cooling-system. (Take care pictures L-R converted.) MKI Sabras en Sabres (certainly first 50) had an expansion-tank on the highest spot.  Not continued perhaps because with some messing around the expansion-tank was not really needed.

Somewhere between S200105 en S200160 the Sabra - Sabre front-suspension became adjustable.  If you loosen the bolts that fix the upper part of damper and spring to the frame, with the vertical bolt above you can adjust the front of the Sabra up or down. We wonder if this change was also applied on Israeli-MK I- Sabra's (lack of pictures). Certainly the first  100-odd Tamworth - Sabras - Sabres had a fixed front-suspension. Though with later repairs the fixed fastening was often replaced with an adjustable one.

The form of the flailing-arms changed too: MKII, someone decided to make the bend in the tube less flexible... MK I the strengthening of the tube is not as wide:

MKII Sabras have different hinges, the rotating point of the hinges is +/- 5cm more to the front of the car and the hinge itself prevents the door from opening too far, a small bulb in the hinge should is to keep the door in the "open" position. MKI Sabras and Sabres have flat hinges, with a separate device to prevent the doors from opening too far (door check link).  Don't know if this held the door open too (If you know...contact)

MKII Sabras differ also(from the earlyer ones) concerning the upper front part of the doors and how they fit to dashboard and front post. MKI Sabras and Sabres have kind of a nose sticking out to the inside of the car where the door fits to dashboard and door post, this also has an implication on the form of the edges of the dashboard.

Idem, door closed now; notice also the different inner door finishing


 Austin A40 -lens

Alfa Romeo lens

Inner door trim lies totally winthin the door. Upper side of the trim covers the top of the door and reaches the door glass.

Round rear wheel arches with rim, wire wheels Square, flat rear wheel arches, pressed steel wheels.

Integrated reflectors, wide space for the numberplate Separate reflectors narrow space for numberplate

Standard two SU's Standard a single Zenith downdraught carburettor, Alexander-kit was an option

No idea why they changed this (MKII Sabra) MKI Sabra and Sabre  greater "hole" for the fuel cap, originally the caps were unlockable

Standard wire wheels with knock-on nuts Pressed steel wheels with a wheel disk with "S", wire wheels were optional.

The round fore-wheel arches have a flare round the edge, so the mould of bonnet and body was remade as the flare starts on the body. The round fore-wheel arches have a flat rim.
Recently found out (no pictures yet)  
MKII Sabras have kind of a ribbed dashboard. MKI and Sabres have a smooth dashboard
MKII Sabras have two knobs one left, one right just in front of the doors, to unlock the motorhood. MK I Sabras (all?) (certainly until 200103) have one central unlocking handle (never saw one nor a picture of it).
  First 50? Sabras had an expansion tank for the cooling system.
MKII Sabras have the windscreen wiper engine left, near the brake cylinder (see pic below). MKI Sabras and Sabres have the windscreen wiper engine at the right side (see below).
MKII Sabras have a bigger  brake master cylinder reservoir and a smaller clutch master cylinder reservoir  Some Sabres (and some Sabras?!) have equal (3/4) brake and clutch master cylinder reservoirs.

All MKII- Sabras have both cludge and brake a .75-cylinder but with bigger reservoir for the brakes. Some Sabras (Sabres?) have one common fluid reservoir for master cylinders for brake and clutch (above)

The MKII Sabras were mostly exported to Belgium MKI went mostly to US or stayed in UK.
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