Sabra BBQ dd 08/07/2007 (23.12.2008 )

The seventh Big Belgian Sabra BBQ

Jacques insisted on having the BBQ at his place.

Had he visited a gipsy prophet?

Was it intuition?

Or simply coincidence?

Anyway in Gierle we would have had problems to arrange everything!

The day started as it should: nice an sunny:

Luc mzling efforts to make us forget about Leo our standard  BBQ-responsable

Alois Mertens was going home by then, still has some work on his Sabra, but his showing up could mean an extra Sabra one of these years.

Also some work

Brother & sister

This one's almost finished??

This one looks nice: engine type and #

Alois Mertens had gone home by then, still has some work on his Sabra, but his showing up could mean an extra Sabra one of these years.

Some other fans (Hans) showed up but they also brought the rain.

Gerard De Craecker (newt year with Sabra?)
                                                            Henk Theeuwes (not really sharp so you don't see the wonderfull painting)
                                                                                                                        Luc Meuwis engine troubles for now
                                                                                                                                                                and the ugly duckling

and we forgot to take  a pic of Jacques cars.  No BMW's on a sabrasite André, you should have driven your Sabra.

Off to the real stuff... the Sabra's are only an excuse to have a nice BBQ.
And to enjoy
of what nature gave us, company, chats, technical discussions,

Carine & Els
Jacqueline Michelle & Arno
Gerard & Jacques
Magda en André
I was there too and  Henk, Jeannine and Luc
Jeannine & Monique

The Sabra-T-shirts were distributed.
Why for heaven's sake didn't no-one take pictures of all those sexy body's. If the right pictures would have been taken on the right moments my visitors number would have doubled at least.

A missed opportunity as there were quite some  XXL's.

Thanks for the pics, should take more pics on Sabra BBQ's but I seem to forget. Am I really over-interested in eating? Thanks for you all being there.  In fact we only share the buying of some iron and glassfiber.
And people with technical problems merely got some encouragement.

But still it was worth the while ... thanks: Jacques and Magda and Michelle and Arno: providing other people with the environment and opportunity to meet is time consuming and only gives philosophical rewards; you had a busy day, but I reckon - afterwards - you've enjoyed having it done.

Next years is my turn again, Els won't be cripple anymore but I agree that a spot - more central in Belgium would be best to attract the largest number of owners, but the "engaged" Sabra owners seem to live on the outskirts of Belgium.

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