The third Belgian Sabra BBQ 23/12/2008

Was held july 13 with Jacques'. 
Too few attendants in fact, but obviously there wasn't enough time (Dinant) to make the required publicity... next year better.
Not that there wasn't no crowd ... all Dinant-helpers were there and there were lots of things to remember and refresh, pictures to be looked at.  In fact this meeting was a debriefing of the Dinant-international.   Jacques had arranged for bunches of meat in a "this can't go wrong"-BBQ-style and surprising combinations of vegetables. 
The vegetables and the bread evidently were served on an altar constructured on a Sabra-chassis.

Leo arranged for the BBQ - aspired by a BX-fan I presume.  The clubphotographer André had to cancel but he recently made it up with a wonderfull picture of a red-dressed bride on a red sabra. (Suppose there must have been a groom too?)

Lucky we could welcome André Ost not yet with his Sabra (next year???) but with all kinds of anecdotes.  See you next year (or sooner) André.

After the short ride, André stated he felt thirty years younger!

It was much too early too late, had to get to the job next day, nice weather though, wonderfull summer-night.  Let's have lots of these BBQ's please.

Thanks Jacques!