BBQ on 30/06/2002 (26/12/08 )

Second Sabra BBQ.

Where          : Gierle, Hemeldonk 4 at Karel Neefs'

Lots of things to arrange, requested my family for help.

Big problem was the weather, would it be dry or rainy, should we start outside but arrange for an escape inwards the house or vice-versa.  Where to put the BBQ, from wich direction will the wind be coming?  Where to put that tent?  The chairs, the tables?

After arranging things according to the weather as it was, got a phone from André, he didn't find the place.  Told him to drive to the church in the centre of the village but nearly missed him as I was looking for a Mercedes and he had changed to BMW, quite continental.

While André was parking (only Sabra's being allowed on the spot) Gerard De Craecker arrived, welcome.

Then Jacques en Leo arrived, Leo driving Jacques Sabra; this means two Sabra's.

Jacques offering us a Sabra cake (see further on), never seen.

And there's Henk Theeuwes en Jeanine, so three Sabra's, no discussions about which one is the prettiest.

And Jos Van Hemel... at last four Sabra's on a row.

Then Mr & Mrs Leber, forgot to ask them their Christian names, perhaps they'll attend to the next Sabra-meeting in Luxemburg.

Lit the fire.

Herman Pauwels arrived, wanting to see his old car again.

The fire is ready, but we still have to make some pictures, how is that hood connected, the fuel-lead is different here and the steering damper is mounted differently.

Good thing Leo was there, not only to drive Jacques but also to keep an eye on the grill if not we would have eaten carbonised chicken.  Should ask him some advise about marinades and steering gears.

Pitty for the BBQ, some people went home when the others started to eat as they hadn't planned to stay for the BBQ and felt they had to leave.

Thought I would suprise the party with Sabra-liquor, but it was already known.  Must find something else next year.

Thanks sister, thanks Els, thanks Ilse & Sarah thanks everyone for the company

First picture in thirty years of four Sabra's in a row.

The first (left) one being probably the only short-nose on the continent, Jos ordered it with the late Don Pithers as he didn't like the points

Four indeed, Jos, his bumpers rusting away fitted Lada-bumpers; just the name!

Hoods open - classical view!

Jacques, Henk and Jeanine discussing some pictures,my sister working while Mrs Leber and Els are chatting; Leo is concentrating on his marinade.

 Jacques, Carine, André, Herman, Jos' grey hair and Mr Leber.


Jacques had arranged a unique Sabra-cake.

Cake and coffee and a Sabra-liquor after the BBQ: enough to satisfy any Belgian!