Sabra BBQ on 15/07/2001 (23/12/08 )


De first Belgian Sabra BBQ ever! (Barbecue comming from a Spanish word barbacoa meaning a setup to roast an animal over an open fire).

Was held 15/07/2001 at Jacques Vandevelde's place who took the initiative.

Had a fine meal, arranged by Jacques (I presume assisted by his sister Michèle):

  • Jacques Vandevelde
  • Jef & Els Neefs
  • André & Carine Delouvroy

Fine weather, nice chats, Jacques lent me a spare rack- and pinion to copy.

Been looking through some documents and photographs we took a ride in each-others cars (differences).

Done quite some Sabra-zooming.

Nice day - this must be repeated..